This year, I will be one of 4 cochairs for the Queen’s Tech and Media Association. I’ve taken to asking myself what I want to accomplish this year, and what would make this year a success.

I wanted to write this down because it’s important to have a larger goal in mind when you inevitably have to work through a mire of boring, mundane tasks to accomplish this vision. It’s easy to slack or stop giving 100% on these tasks without a strong vision.

QTMA is a product management organization. We build software products. But that simplifies things too much. I would argue we teach people how to build great products, launch these products, while creating awareness for tech as a viable and exciting career path for students.

  1. Our products acquire real users
  2. Our members recruit successfully into technology positions
  3. Our members walk away with new skills
  4. QTMA is one reason students end up choosing Queen’s Commerce (as is the same with our investment council and case teams)
  5. Members return next year, or if graduating, remain involved in some capacity.
  6. Everyone has a fun time

March hiring will soon be in full swing. Interviewing 50+ people in three days is not going to be fun, yet it is a necessary task for building a strong foundation for the coming year.

Good times ahead.