Vacations should lead to a feeling of refreshment, a renewed sense of excitement and energy. Isn’t that supposed to be the point?

Yet sometimes, I find that going on vacation turns into an experience more exhausting than everyday life. There is always an urge to cram as many events, restaurants, and attractions into the fleeting few days you have in a city or country.

Isn’t it so strange that we complain about waking up for a 9-5 job, yet on vacation, we gladly pack our days from 8am to 8pm?

Recently, I took a trip to Quebec City without any planning whatsoever. Other than the flight tickets and accommodations, I simply left my schedule open and free for exploration.

Quebec City – No Plans Made

Without a set plan or schedule, I had the opportunity to explore things on my own pace and be spontaneous, pursuing opportunities and interactions that I likely would have avoided. These include:

  • Chatting to a 50-year old woman on the plane, before hitching a ride with her daughter into the city. I am grateful that they treated me to lunch and coffee, while sharing some of the best restaurants and experiences in the city
  • Sitting down for two hours in beautiful Petit Champlain, listening to a street musician strum his harp while journalling
  • Taking advantage of a beautiful day to rent a bike and ride a 25km trail along the St. Lawrence River upon the recommendation of the bike shop owner
  • Watching a hilarious Mexican street performer defy gravity, balancing, climbing, and dropping from a 20ft pole.
  • Savoring fresh, amazingly sweet raspberries and blueberries from local farms, while wandering through the farmer and artisan’s market
  • Absorbing beautiful Inuit and Quebecois art at the Musee de Beaux Arts for, simply because I was in the area

As I slowly ambled my way through the old city, I found that I actually ended up seeing all of the main tourist attractions such as the churches, plains, and the old port and city.

Trust Your Feet

In any case, I have found that I can trust my feet and a sense of adventure to find myself something interesting to do to fill up my time.

I am advocating for planning less during trips when possible and exploring at a more organic pace. There’s less stress, no need to rush, and you will still be able to find the major tourist attractions while stumbling upon more of the little interactions and moments which truly make travel so enjoyable.