Recently, I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time repeating the same information over to my friends on how to get started investing in the stock market. So I wanted to ensure that I had all this information written down so people could access it and read it in their own time.

Before I begin, I want to put forward that I am no investment professional, there is always risk in investing, and this is just general knowledge and not investment advice. It’s really me re-packaging a lot of articles, books, and general resources I’ve covered over time.

With that out of the way, I want to make sure that this series is as actionable as possible. It’s easy to get bogged down in financial metrics, hype, and a complete overload of options. Where should you start? With this series, I hope I can break down and explain investing in a practical manner which lets you actually go out and start investing.

My focus is on simply getting started in investing in a sustainable and easy way for anyone, not just people who study business. This is not a series about financial analysis and diving into whether a company is a good investment or not. Frankly, there are more qualified people for that, and you don’t need to understand that in order to start investing.

What Will Be Covered

Within this series I want to discuss a few key topics:

  1. Why should you invest?
  2. What are some common misconceptions about investing?
  3. What can I buy? Options, bonds, stocks, dividends, mutual funds, ETF’s and everything in between
  4. The concept of passive investing. Why ETF’s are a great place to start.
  5. Where can you start investing stocks? What platform can you use?
  6. The psychology of investing
  7. Sources for more information

If you have additional questions, please comment below, and I will make sure they are answered within the articles.

If you study business/already invest and have objections, questions, comments, and variations on “you’re dumb”, I also welcome those in the comments section! Feedback and debate is always appreciated.

Why Should You Invest?

  1. You can actually be losing money by leaving your money in a bank account
  2. Letting money you already have earn more money for you beats having to work more for it
  3. Saving will not let you achieve financial freedom

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