Procrastination is the enemy of all productivity. When you have nothing better to do, the “do it later” syndrome kicks in and ask for a five minute break. One hour later, you’re lying on your bed, scrolling through Facebook, eating chips, and wondering where it all went wrong.

At the end of the day, procrastination stops you from getting things done. Compounding the problem is the fact that procrastination happens to even the best of us. We aren’t all superhuman Elon Musks with a laser focus, hustlin’ on that grind 24/7. Sometimes writing that report or getting on a call, or working on that painstaking project is just too much to deal with. Sometimes you need a break.

But I don’t think that procrastination will always have to be unproductive. I’ve recently adopted a mindset of “Productive Procrastination” to ensure that whenever the urge to procrastinate hits, I’m still using my time effectively to work towards my personal goals.

The perspective is simple. Use time when you would be procrastinating to become better at a skill. Everyone has something that they want to be better at, but the common excuse is “I don’t have the time”. Procrastination gives you the little amount of time that you need to start chipping away at your goals and accomplish them.

My productive procrastination revolves around updating myself on business news, reading up on new cryptocurrencies and the blockchain ecosystem, or practicing my dancing in front of a mirror. Productive doesn’t have to mean boring.

So if you need to take 20 minutes off, then go use it to read a book. Practice a skill. Write something. Learn something new. That’s all.